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Pond Design

Pond Design Services

Bio-Fusion Designs creates all of the ponds we are contracted to do with an ease of maintenance approach. We have the experience and equipment to build ponds of all sizes or design specifications. The filtration and water flow integration we use allows for optimal biological conditions to support the ecosystem.

Concrete Wall


We offer a guarantee of clear water all season long on the ponds we design and build or install approved retrofit applications. We are a full service pond company with all supplies, live fish, plants, and affordable maintenance service if desired by the client.

The Bio-Fusion Designs Team can transform your outdoor living space to incorporate water elements with a purpose - designed for both aesthetic & sound value along with functionality.  When it comes to ponds in the Capital Region of NY State / Tri-State Area, Bio-Fusion Designs offers the complete on-site & in-person approach to customized & skillful pond / waterfall building & services.

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