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Pond & Water FeatureMAINTENANCE

We believe in providing advice, & appropriate products to reduce potential maintenance requirements based on individual needs.  Most liner based pond systems should only require involved service needs 2X per season - Openings  (Seasonal Start-Ups) & Closings (Winterizations).

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Allowing Us To Service The Ponds Or Water Features That We Design & Install Or That You Already Have Offers Many Benefits:

We arrive on-site with all of our own tools and equipment necessary to provide complete service for your pond or water feature

The artistic integrity of the “Living Art” creation is maintained so that it appears as intended on a regular basis

Your valuable time is saved by having us provide maintenance in a convenient way that will not disrupt your lifestyle

We keep detailed service records of our services so that we can refer back to them and know what is necessary on an individual basis


We are equipped to handle any Pond, Water Garden, & Natural Water System Service Needs. 


If you are experiencing regular maintenance needs, problems, high maintenance costs - Call us, we can help you.  Our staff are composed of people with Fisheries Biologist / Wetland Science Educational Backgrounds & Extensive Practical Based Experience.


Liner Based Pond Maintenance Includes Full Pond Clean-Out / Pressure Rinsing - Debris Extraction - Filtration Clean-Out, Set-Up & Check - Water Conditioning Additives - Excludes Replacement Filter Media & Additional Supplies

Call or E-mail to schedule a free consultation and price quote if located with the Capital Region of NY.

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