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Decorative Lighting

We are equipped to provide spectacular lighting into any pond, water feature, landscape or hardscape design, & do so naturally & in a seamless way.  We offer all of our services in-house.  We provide specialized design layouts to achieve any lighting needs for our clients.  We provide everything from LED, Fiber Optic, to different bulb combinations.

Concrete Wall

Illumination For Ambiance

Up Lighting

Down Lighting

Focal - Spotlight  Effects

Quick Connect & Hardwire Options

Seamless Integration & Concealment For Ponds & Water Features

Warm Color Temperature (Soft White) & Color Changing Options

Image Gallery

What Can We Do For You?

What Services Are You Looking For?

Lighting Is

The Cherry On Top

For Every Project

"A Beautifully Constructed Pond or Water Feature Deserves To Be Enjoyed Under The Night Sky With An Allure That Complements The Nuances Of The Waterscape"

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