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Recreation Ponds For The Win!

Updated: Feb 12

A popular form of pond design replacing traditional formal pool options, known as recreation ponds, has been gaining traction throughout the aquatics industry in the US, as well as, Europe.  The term Recreation Pond, also known as Swim Ponds or Natural Swim Ponds open the door to limitless design possibilities.  Designed to bring the natural world involving water up close and personal to create surroundings that complement the landscape of the space.  


The benefits are immense as maintenance for such features is much less involved labor & cost-wise.  Additionally, the use of expensive pool chemicals used in formal designs are a thing of the past.  The main factor for success on these recreation ponds is the use of a wetland or bog-style filtration system – incorporating live aquatic marginal plants, which also add to the beauty of the space while attracting welcomed wildlife such as birds, butterflies, frogs, etc.


The cost of such projects compared to current day estimations on formal / traditional swimming pools competes and is comparable depending on overall size and customizations that occur with every design.  Natural swim ponds can have unique elements of hybridization with formal design being part of the overall layout such as, special decking, paved sitting areas in close proximity, decorative block walls, etc.  Large scale Recreation that are Earthen Ponds could be designed for Fishing, Kayaking, & Camping Activities close to home.


Recreation Ponds exemplify & need to achieve these three things that we always state as it pertains to what ponds & water features need to be - “Inviting Waterscapes, Inspired By Nature, & Tranquility For Your Home.”  Our customized & skillful pond / waterfall building & services have led to our specific phrase “Results Driven Solutions For The Aquatics Industry”.  

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